How To Make Your Golf Cart Street Legal

Metrolina Carts is here to answer all your golf cart questions about how to make your cart street legal.

Making Your Golf Cart Street Legal In North Carolina

Golf Carts are classified as Low-Speed Vehicles (LSVs). Regarding their use in North Carolina on the street, LSVs…


  • Can be operated only on streets and highways where the posted speed limit is 35 mph or less.
  • May cross a road or street at an intersection with a posted speed higher than 35 mph.
  • Must be equipped with headlamps, stop lamps, turn signal lamps, tail lamps, reflex reflectors, parking brakes, rearview mirrors, windshields, windshield wipers, speedometer, seat belts and a vehicle identification number.
  • Must be inspected and photographed by the N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles.

You can contact NC DMV by clicking here for more details.

Making Your Golf Cart Street Legal in South Carolina

In South Carolina, if you have a valid driver’s license, you may drive a golf cart during the day within four miles of your home or business and on secondary highways. To do so however, you must have a golf cart permit, which you can purchase at any SC DMV branch (click here to find a DMV branch near you). To get a golf cart permit, do all of the following:

  • Complete the Golf Cart Permit Registration (SCDMV Form GC-2), which you can download by clicking here.
  • Provide proof of insurance for the golf cart.
  • Provide your valid driver’s license number.
  • Pay $5

You must replace your golf cart permit every five years or if you change your address.


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