South Carolina DMV Golf Cart Documents

Click here to visit the SC DMV site.

SC Golf Cart Permit Request Form

To download the South Carolina DMV Permit Decal and Registration Application click here.

SC Application for Low Speed Vehicles

In South Carolina, golf carts are classified as Low Speed Vehicles (LSVs). As defined in South Carolina law, an LSV is a four-wheeled motor vehicle with speed attainable in one mile of more than twenty miles an hour and not more than twenty-five miles an hour on a level surface, and has a gross vehicle weight of less than 2500 pounds. Download the SC DMV Application For Low Speed Vehicles here.

SC Power of Attorney Odometer Disclosure Form

Power of Attorney – Odometer Disclosure (Click here for a sample form. Because of the security features, the SC DMV cannot not accept downloaded copies of this form. An official form may be obtained in person from the SC DMV).

SC Power of Attorney Form

Please click here to download the MC-25 (SC DMV Power of Attorney Form).